Womb Stewardship a registered NPO with a mandate of restoring the stability of the family unit by bringing back the standard of purity in all, with emphasis on women for obvious reasons. Women encounter various challenges relationally and in parenting. Womb health has become a growing concern and is seldom acknowledged until pregnancies go wrong. This ministry advocates the Godly order of purity in singleness and gratification until marriage as a means to effectively turn the tide on issues such as teenage pregnancy, school drop outs, HIV infection rates, youth being able to pursue higher education and self-worth.

Mr and Mrs Ncula

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Womb Stewardship is a movement that will bring back purity, reverence and godly dignity to the womb all the way to the tomb.

Our Vision

“We live in a world where losing your phone is more dramatic than losing your virginity.”

Although it may be considered an ancient or oppressive principle, sexual purity holds many benefits for all who choose to buck against convention. The world is immersed in a society where abstinence in general is rejected for short cuts, quick fixes, cheap fame and momentary satisfaction. As Womb Stewardship, our target audience is universal and non-sexist. We empower both genders to value the space of reproduction; be it sexually or personally. Discipline in an area like sexual behaviour ultimately influences how you relate to others and pursue your life goals. Our passion is to see individuals enjoy the best quality of life; changing the things they can, overcoming the obstacles they must and raising children with emotionally safe and sound principles. This shift can be the building blocks of healthy communities.