For the love of humanity and the loving fear of our Father


Hello and welcome to our Blog. This is the first of our weekly messages which will be published every Sunday evening. Womb Stewardship is undergoing a season of growth and we are truly honored to be able to share our thoughts with you.

Since this is our first contact in this space, let me start by going down to the Womb Stewardship basics.

Often times we are asked who we are, what we are about and how practical our message is in this modern world. This is why I have decided to write on the heart of our movement which will be unveiled further in the ensuing notes.

Womb Stewardship is a message carrier from the very heart of God to His children. The message is simple: KEEP THE WOMB SACRED. IT IS A PLACE WHERE GOD TRANSFORMS HIS IMAGE INTO FLESH. When I responded to the calling, I was the most ‘foolish thing’ to be used. I received it with fear and trembling because of the very nature of the standard versus the history of my own womb handling. I thought much ‘better’ and ‘purer’ vessels would be more appropriate but God saw it fit to allow my vessel to pour out the comfort with which He comforted me to comfort similarly afflicted souls.

Womb Stewardship is a modern movement carrying an ancient message. We are aware that times have changed in our world but yet, the laws that govern human lives haven’t. We do not seek to balance modern living with ancient values. We are about instilling unchanging virtues in God’s unchanging image with the holiness that defies time. Same image, same planet, different era. The gospel is as relevant and infallible today as it was back then. It needs no modification.

Whereas purity and chastity have been deemed to be yester-year’s fashion, Womb Stewardship asks for humanity to not fix what is perfect. We make purity fashionable. We keep the image of God untainted. We preach consecrating the womb which is the gateway of life, pure for the birthing of the Royal Priesthood. Peculiar people do not live ordinary lives. A holy nation doesn’t derive its ways from itself but listens to the Holy One. Ours is therefore a voice of maximizing what man can be to the glory of God.

Are we as draconian as we have been perceived? No. Changing what’s in God’s best light in favour of what’s in man’s, is cruel. Sex has become a seriously dangerous sport with ripples reverberating down generations. National budgets are hit severely by pre-marital and extra-marital sex. The rand value deteriorates dramatically from the national economic status adversely affected by sex. We can count many reasons why sex out of God’s confines is disadvantageous. Womb Stewardship will restore order in individual lives, family dynamics, societal strength and community coherence. We believe this falls perfectly in line with the national quest for moral regeneration.


Stay tuned for insightful writings flowing through this page. Make comments and advices as you see fit. Support and make us know who else is catching our drift. Together we can strive for a better landscape for our progeny long after we have departed. It starts with dedicated Womb Stewardship. See you soon.


God bless