November 14, 2018

The Annual Heal The Womb Conference

Dear Friend of Womb Stewardship

We are approaching the Annual Heal Our Wombs Conference, the last of Womb Stewardship hosted meeting. This year we will be meeting in Johannesburg at the Braamfontein Methodist Church.


The message to be shared there is based on the affectionate passion of God for us human beings. Who has ever called you the Apple of their eye? Is there anyone in this whole wide world who has ever considered you to be tattooed in the palm of their hand? Or worthy to die and be resurrected for? Who else in this world spends sleepless nights watching over you with steadfastness that promises to never ever leave nor forsake you?

There is only One who can promise such and actually follow it through. That One is Jesus.

We will be exploring this unique and exceptional love that God loves us with, the God-kind of love we all so pursue but can’t find except only in Him. The God-kind of love we are expected to give but can’t quite meet. This love is non-negotiable for the human soul – it is the only form of love that quenches our appetite, which when tasted cannot be ignored nor forgotten. This is who we are in our core – lovers of love.

Friday :
Session 1 – Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His lips
Saturday :
Session 2 – What is Womb Stewardship?
Session 3 – The battle for the soul of the Womb
Session 4 – Heal our Wombs

There is a beautiful testimony to be shared. I know it will liberate many hearts as God steps into the darkness and darkness flees.
We have also been graced with the Jesus heart and gift of painting by Pastor Anthony Noble. He preaches with his hands and reaches the heart in ways words usually fail to do.
To top it all, Grace_SA from Port Elizabeth will be worshipping from the Womb Stewardship debut CD, the Breakthrough in all the sessions. This promises to be a great revival of humanity where we lay our hearts bare before the Lord Jesus for total healing. Bring everyone you know, gents and dolls, all ages, to witness the Beauty of holiness. See you soon.
PS: Don’t forget to RSVP to Nonto @ 061 412 9558


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